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The symptoms of a herniated disc range from none to persistent, excruciating pain. With such a wide spectrum of symptoms, it’s important to have a spine specialist like Remi Ajiboye, MD, assess your back health. If you do have a herniated disc, Dr. Ajiboye gives you access to surgical and nonsurgical treatments at his practices in Torrance, California and El Segundo, California. He also serves the surrounding communities of Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, Lomita, Carson, Lawndale, Gardena, Hawthorne, and greater Los Angeles. Call the phone number listed on this page or click the “book now” button to schedule a meeting with Dr. Ajiboye.

Herniated Disc Q & A

What is a herniated disc?

The space between the vertebrae in your spine contains a disc with a gel-like filling that provides cushioned support. If the disc membrane ruptures and the gel spills out, you have a herniated disc.

Most people don’t need surgery for a herniated disc or bulging disc, and many don’t even know they have one because the herniated, or slipped, disc doesn’t cause any symptoms. Sometimes, though, the disc presses against nearby nerves and causes the following symptoms:

  • Pain that radiates down the arms or legs
  • Weakness in affected muscles of the arms or legs
  • Numbness or tingling in the arms, legs, or buttocks
  • Abnormal posture

If you think you might have a herniated or bulging disc, you should seek help from Dr. Remi Ajiboye right away.

What causes a herniated disc?

As you age, you may experience disc degeneration from the natural wear-and-tear on your spine. This process makes you more prone to the spine condition.

Apart from disc degeneration, the following can also cause a herniated disc:

  • Using your back to lift heavy objects
  • Forceful contact during sports
  • Twisting movements
  • Traumatic injury from a fall or accident
  • Arthritis

If you play sports, work a demanding job, don’t use proper form, or carry excess body weight, you run a greater risk of tweaking your neck or back.

How do doctors detect herniated discs?

Dr. Ajiboye often identifies herniated discs after gathering information about your health, performing a thorough physical evaluation, and ordering imaging tests. An MRI provides the most detailed image of your spine, nerves, and other structures.

What treatment options are available for herniated discs?

In most cases, Dr. Ajiboye treats herniated discs with conservative treatments like over-the-counter medication or physical therapy/strengthening exercises. If your symptoms do not improve with those conservative treatments, he might progress to any of the following treatments:

  • Prescription medication
  • Cortisone injections
  • Physical therapy
  • Chiropractic adjustments

In the rare cases that these treatments fail or your injury is severe, Dr. Remi Ajiboye might consider surgery. With minimally invasive spine surgical techniques, he can remove parts of the herniated disc to relieve pressure on the nerves.

If you’re looking for a minimally invasive spine specialist in Torrance and El Segundo, California, and serves the surrounding areas of Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, Lomita, Carson, Lawndale, Gardena, Hawthorne, and greater Los Angeles, contact Remi Ajiboye, MD, online or over the phone to set up an appointment.